What is “Escape Room”?

The concept of “escape room” is a virtually transposed game. Logic, intelligence, perspicacity, team spirit are the necessary elements in this real game. The adventurous online games are Crimson & Viridian Room, Submachine Series, Neutral Escape Games, QP-Shoot, where the player is locked in a room to escape by deciphering codes or puzzles, using the objects around it.

Where did the concept of “Escape Room” start?

“Escape Room” first appeared in Hong Kong. Gradually, this concept spread to the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. This game became popular in 2010 in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China. Japanese Takao Kato, a 35-year-old man, has perfected this concept and created a real business in 2008 in Japan, and Hungarians at the Hungarian Parapark in London have opened the escape room in Europe. Room themes are very varied. For example, in Silicon Valley, a group of programmers made an escape room inspired by Agatha Christie’s novels. In Singapore, a group made a room that takes you to a cathedral (Escape from the Mysterious Cathedral).

Who is “Escape Room” for?

“Escape Room” is for all ages, regardless of your professional profile. When the team is mixed, the escape is spectacular. Escape room is the perfect game for stressed students, for people who work hard, for parents who want to get out of the normal day’s matrix. Come to spend your free time in Constanta by testing the skills of the detectives in you!

Do you want to try?

Call a few of your dearest friends and book a room now!