1. Escape room reservation
The reservation can be made by phone at no. 0724 733 000 and online in the booking table. To cancel or change the booking, participants must contact the Break The Code team at least 6 hours in advance.

2. Participants to the escape room
Teams are made up of 2-6 people. The minimum age is 15 years for teams formed by students only. Minors under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Arriving at Break The Code
The participants will arrive 15 minutes before the check-in time. They are briefly presented on the escape room and rules inside the room. In the event of non-observance of these rules, Break The Code reserves the right to stop the game without repayment of the game’s value. If the participants are late, the timer will be set according to the remaining time of the booking.

4. Terms of Participation
Participants will sign a statement on their own responsibility to enter the escape room and accept that during the game, the door of the room will be locked. The door will open before 60 minutes only in exceptional cases.

5. During the game
Escape room is not recommended for pregnant women, people who suffer from panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, heart disease or other similar afflictions. People who might be negatively affected by spending 60 minutes in a room are advised not to attend the escape room. The Break The Code team does not assume responsibility for participating in the game.

6. The Break The Code
Escape Room Scenarios – Break The Code do not contain harmful or dangerous items. Rooms are based on the psychic, logical qualities of the participants. The use of force in these escape rooms is totally forbidden and the game will be interrupted if the participants do not follow the rules of conduct. Resolving escape rooms does not involve the alteration of furniture, heating, lighting or surveillance.

7. Forbidden
Escape Room – Break The Code is not allowed for persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In these cases, the Break The Code reserves the right to immediately interrupt the game without repayment of its value.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the enclosure.
Drawing walls or any object in the escape room is strictly forbidden.
Clearing any sticker is forbidden.
It is forbidden to move any object of furniture, they do not hide anything in the back. Everything is at sight, escape room is made to use your intelligence, logic, intuition, not strength or physical qualities of scout.
Any object must be used in accordance with its function, it is forbidden to place feet on sofas, chairs, furniture. Hitting, stunning, damaging anything in the Break The Code is totally forbidden.
Dangerous objects, weapons of any kind, or any other object that may endanger the life of any person in the Break The Code are strictly forbidden.

* Any damage to the Chamber or Objects within the Break The Code will be imputed to the participating team and the equivalent of the games booked on that day for the relevant room. (By damaging an item, the camera can not be functional on that day.)

* The domain name and trademark ‘Break The Code’ is copyrighted and proprietary. Use of the Break The Code is only allowed with prior written approval at evadeaza@breakthecode.ro