Where can you experience the best Escape Rooms in Romania?

Although it has entered relatively recently in Romania, escape rooms are located in Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov, Iasi, Constanta.
Don Vito (Trapped – Bucharest) is a very ingenious, balanced room with a perfect atmosphere for the given theme. The Elements (Trapped – Bucharest) is a very well structured, logical game.
The rooms at Escaperooms (Xhostel – Bucharest) are very elaborate. Much of the decoration puts you in the atmosphere of the theme, not part of the game. Escaperoom – Xhostel are part of an extended franchise group.
The Kudra’s Dream Room (RealRoomEscape Bucharest) is a room played in the dark, where the story and the codes blend perfectly.
In the kids’ room (Puzzler Bucharest), the simplicity of the elements and the game created for this room provoke you to escape. Attention, parents are leaving home!
All About Time (EscapeExperienceBucharest) is an ingenious camera with no insignificant elements. A very logical game, very well thought out. Any object found plus a balanced team spirit and a little inspiration help solve puzzles.
CSI (QuestMission Bucharest) is a rich room with many elements, puzzles and challenges.
Da Vinci`s (TheEscapers Constanţa) translates you into another century and throws you in the whirl of envy and struggle for success.
Ghost Ship (DoorsEscape Constanţa) is a room with a rich decor and a story like a best seller.
Everywhere you try to escape, the experience is different. Once you enter a good room, the “escape room” microbe gets into your blood and wake up by touring all the escape rooms in a city.

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