1. At the entrance to the room all the participants are advised to manage their room areas in order not to remain unverified areas.
  2. Those who delay will be trained in the time reserved for the escape room.
  3. No object will be damaged. Do not apply force in the escape room. The furniture should not be moved, any object is intended for the function it has: a sofa is a sofa, a painting is a painting.
  4. Hints will be temporized and teams have no access to unlimited hits.
  5. The event ends within 60 minutes of entering the escape room, regardless of whether or not the team found the escape solution.


  1. I declare on my own responsibility that I understand and assume the written instructions as well as those of the Break The Code team and will not take any action that will cause physical or mental suffering to me or to anyone else in the Break The Code room.
  2. I understand that absolutely all objects in the escape room are not intended to be used or treated with violence, and I hereby declare that I pay the cash equivalent for the repair of the damages made by me to Break The Code S.R.L.
  3. I understand that Break The Code escape room is not recommended for pregnant women, people who suffer from panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, heart disease or other similar afflictions, and declare that I take responsibility if I decide to participate, despite the recommendations .
  4. I understand that the Break The Code team may decide to stop the escape room at any time if the terms and conditions or participation rules have not been met.