You’re locked in a room with your friends for 60 minutes. The goal is to escape! You feel confused, you look around and try to find the solution of escape … find the codes, decipher the mysteries and set a record!
Use your logic, intuition, intelligence to escape! Your team now forms a nucleus that aims to solve the mystery. Team spirit will help you get out in less than 60 minutes!
Stay stuck? We give you clues to move on. Idols do not solve you, they only guide you to reveal the mystery yourself.
Do you want to be a star? Players who will be in the top of the escape will be rewarded! A star-only party. Access to new open rooms will be done with substantial discounts. We are waiting for you to be a star in the Abstract Room!
You can provoke your adventures to an escape championship. Do you think you’re doing a better team? For large groups of over 15 people, please contact us by mail for a customized offer. Put a bet, come, escape!
You feel the heart beats, the pulse grows, the breath is jerky … Will you escape? Use your intuition, logic and team spirit. The result will be as good as possible. Careful. Is addictive!
Teams are made up of 2-6 people. Minimum age is 15 years for teams formed by students only. We look forward to your friends, colleagues, family to escape!