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Abstract room

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Challenging you to the smartest Escape Rooms in Constanta


Alcatraz was a joke

If you get out of here, you escape anywhere!


What is an Escape Room

You’re locked in a room with your friends for 60 minutes. The goal is to escape! You feel confused, you look around and try to find the solution to escape … find the codes, decipher the mysteries and set a record!

Escape Room in Constanta

In the center of Constanta, Ovidius Square, 7 days from 7.
Please check the table HERE before calling us in order to know when you want to be programmed.


Are you staying stuck? We give you clues to move on. Idols do not solve you, they only guide you to reveal the mystery yourself.

For all ages

Teams are made up of 2-6 people. Minimum age is 15 years for teams formed by students only. We look forward to your friends, colleagues and family to escape!

Team building

It is a great way to evaluate the teams that work together every day at the office, and the best way to spend time in Constanta with colleagues.

Team spirit

Use your logic, intuition and intelligence to escape! Your team now forms a nucleus that aims to solve the mystery. Team spirit will help you get out in less than 60 minutes!

Escape Rooms BreakTheCode

The Crazy Artist

July 31, 2017

F.B.I. Agent

July 31, 2017

Abstract escape room image onits own page

The Abstract Room

July 31, 2017


Best experience ever! Great time, great team! Good job BREAKTHECODE! Excellent time spent in Constanța, great location!

Mirka, Croatia

The challenge and satisfaction of the escape to the measure! Super experience!

Nico, Constanta

The escape microbe was activated by Abstract room! We are waiting for the next room !!!

Alina, Constanta

Do you think you can escape? Only 78% succeed. Make a reservation for a room now

Location and reservations

For reservations click here or call 0724 733 000